4 Tips for Optimizing EMSCULPT neo Results

EMSCULPT neo is the ONLY non-invasive body sculpting procedure that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle in a single 30-minute treatment. Let’s talk about how to prepare and optimize your EMSCULPT neo treatment so that you get the best results possible!

1. Prepare the day before your EMSCULPT neo treatment

  • Drink at least two liters of water the day before and after the procedure.
  • Abstain from eating at least two hours before your treatment session.
  • Remove any lotion from your skin before the procedure.
  • Shave any body hair near and around the area to be treated.
  • Do not drink caffeine or alcohol the day before and the day of the procedure

2. After your EMSCULPT neo treatment

We would recommend delivering post-treatment massage over the area treated by EMSCULPT neo. Try using massage with circular motions or massage rollers.

This is to help the body to continually breakdown the fat cells. It is estimated that this massage can improve results by 60% or more.

3. Track your EMSCULPT neo results

While you may see changes in your body as early as two weeks, the most visible results will appear after two months. Full results can take three months or more as your body will continue to excrete fat cells for up to six months after the procedure.

Since results take time, we will document your progress by taking photos. After you complete your treatment series, we will use these photos to show your before and after results.

4. Protect your investment

You spent time and money to get fabulous results with the EMSCULPT neo. If you follow the guidelines below, maintaining your results will be easy!

1.    Keep your weight stable by maintaining a healthy diet. Click here if you are interested in working with our successful anti-diet weight loss program.

2.    Preserve your muscle mass with regular maintenance sessions. Our medical gym membership is a great way to save money. Contact us for details!

3.    Stay active. Regular exercise helps the body stay strong, burn fat, heal faster, and enhance your results.

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