IV Nutrition & Hydration

You’re looking to optimize exercise performance, muscle recovery, or healing after an injury

Feel Better, Move Better, Be Better

IV Nutrition & Hydration are right for you if:

  • You have a chronic health condition, migraines, or an autoimmune disease

  • You’re exhausted and need a boost of energy to get through the day
  • You’re too burned out and stressed to eat a nutritious diet
  • You’ve been sick or run down or want to prevent illness

IV therapy is the most effective way to increase nutrient levels in the body.

— Ellen & Julie, Aviva Med Spa

Feel Better Than You’ve Ever Felt Before

Young Girl Posing around Mountains & Lake Nature | Aviva Medical in Centennial, CO

Gain Energy Without the Jitters

Increase your energy levels fast, without the side effects of stimulants.

Old Woman Smiling | Aviva Medical in Centennial, CO

Experience Optimum Health

Decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, increase nutrient absorption.

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Finally, Feel and Be Happy

Experience the joy of taking care of yourself the way you’ve always wanted.

Signature Cocktails

This is a long list but don’t get overwhelmed - we will help customize the perfect infusion for you!



Energy Booster

Myers’ Quickie



Immune Support

Headache / Migraine Myers

Energy Booster Deluxe glow



Fitness – Beauty

Ultimate Myers’ Cocktail

Energy Booster Deluxe



Elite Myers’ Cocktail

Peak Fitness

The Works




Detox Express / Deluxe

Energy Express / Deluxe

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