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The EMSELLA chair is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. It helps those suffering from urinary urgency, frequency, and stress incontinence. It has also shown to have additional benefits for sexual wellness, erectile dysfunction, and more.
Learn how to take back control of your life and bladder with EMSELLA. Contact Aviva Med Spa today to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how this treatment works. We are dedicated to helping people live their best lives, free from the embarrassment associated with urinary incontinence. Call us today at (303) 921-8228 to schedule your consultation and learn more.


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EMSELLA benefits

How does it work?

EMSELLA is a chair that you sit on fully clothed. It utilizes the same HIFEM+ electromagnetic energy as the EMSCULPT NEO to deliver thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. These contractions re-educate the muscles of the pelvic floor while also strengthening them to eliminate problems associated with a weakened pelvic floor.

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Everyone can benefit

The EMSELLA treatment is simple, fast, and painless. You’ll feel the muscles contracting during the treatment; it’s equivalent to doing 10,000 kegels in a single session!

While an improvement can be seen after just a single 30-minute session, a series of 6 sessions completed over three weeks is recommended.

What causes urinary incontinence?

While often not talked about, UI is a common problem among women. Surveys report that one-third of American women struggle with UI issues.

For women, the primary causes of UI include vaginal childbirth, aging, and menopause. When you urinate, specific muscles contract, pushing urine out of the bladder and into the urethra. Simultaneously, the sphincter muscles around the urethra relax. This releases the urine.

Incontinence results when the muscles or nerves aiding in the release of the urine become damaged.

There are two common types of UI: Urge Incontinence and Stress Incontinence


Urge Incontinence refers to the sudden “urge” or need to urinate immediately. The feeling occurs right before experiencing an involuntary loss of urine. Urge Incontinence happens when abnormal nerve signals cause the muscles of the bladder to contract. Urinary retention is lost when the overactive muscles in the bladder overpower the sphincter muscles responsible for closing the urethra.

This type of UI can be improved by strengthening the muscles that support the bladder. Pelvic floor exercise, or Kegels, can strengthen the muscles and tissue that support the bladder. These exercises are prescribed to improve UI for many patients.


This is the most common type of UI. Stress incontinence refers to urine leakage during exertion or movement, i.e., laughing, sneezing, coughing, or jumping.
Stress Incontinence typically results from vaginal childbirth or menopause. The tissues that support the bladder become stretched or weak. The damage allows the bladder to exert pressure downward on the sphincter muscles, keeping the urethra closed. This action prevents the muscles from shutting tightly.
Stress Incontinence can be improved by strengthening the tissues and muscles that support the bladder.
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A strong pelvic floor is important for everyone. EMSELLA is a great option for both men and women of any age.

Studies confirm 95% of patients report an improved quality of life.

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“Ellen is a true professional. She clearly communicates how treatments work and is always willing to take the time to talk through any concerns. Her office is clean, quiet, and comfortable. I’ve never had to wait at my appointment. Highly recommend.”


“Ellen is absolutely the best at her job! I’m 55 years old and have gone to see so many different people for help with minimizing my wrinkles. I went to Ellen and was extremely satisfied with the results that I achieved. I have absolutely no interest in going to anyone else for Dysport injections. Ellen Neufeld is THE BEST!”


Barbara G.

“Ellen and her team are wonderful! Ellen has delivered great results each time I have seen her for Dysport injections. I’ve also tried the infusions and can’t wait for the next, the difference in how I felt was noticeable. I have seen her for a couple of years now and recommend Aviva Medical to anyone I can!”

Bethany S.

“My initial experience was wonderful! Ellen walked me through some treatment options, explained the entire process, and answered all my questions so that I would feel comfortable. I’ll definitely be returning when I need my next beautifying session.”

Kate H.

“I absolutely love the team at Aviva. I go for Dysport and have felt so comfortable and can trust their direction and advice to achieve the outcome I look for. The space is bright, beautiful, and clean as well, which is just a cherry on top. I would highly recommend it. I commute from Denver, and it’s worth the drive.”

Brittany B.

“Always happy with the professional service and treatment received at Aviva spa. I have received multiple compliments and people cannot believe I have had anything done to my face. Ellen is truly great at what she does. As none of us can stop our “clocks,” I am attempting to age just a little more slowly while still looking like myself. Ellen and Aviva are my youthful secret!”

Ellen N.

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