Kybella® contains deoxycholic acid, a substance that naturally aids in fat absorption.


Kybella® contains deoxycholic acid, a substance that naturally aids in fat absorption. Kybella® is an injectable, in fact, the only one approved by the FDA that is known to permanently dissolve and destroy fat cells. When injected into the fat in the double chin area or other fatty areas, Kybella® permanently destroys the fat cells by a process known as adipocytolysis, making them unable to store fat again. While diet and exercise are often ineffective at treating submental fullness (aka the double chin), which can significantly impact one’s appearance and self-esteem, non-surgical Kybella® eliminates the double chin safely and effectively. Other small areas of stubborn fat can also be treated with Kybella®, such as the armpit, the lower jawline, the lower buttock fatty folds, and the busts.

Aviva Med Spa Centennial, CO, proudly offers Kybella® treatments to remove unwanted fat from under the chin, the jawline, and other areas of your body. Let us work with you to remove unwanted fat and restore and revitalize your body’s natural features and contours to something you can smile about again!


Slimmer profile without dieting or exercising

Long-lasting results

15 to 20 minutes treatment time

Safe and effective procedure

Zero downtime 

Improved self-confidence

Young Closed Eyes Woman Lying on Bed and Undergoing Chemical Peels Treatment | Aviva Medical in Centennial, CO.


What Should I Expect?

Numbing cream will be applied to the area after it has been cleansed. The size of the treatment area will determine the number of injections you need. The entire process takes about 15 min, and ice will be applied afterward. Results are long-lasting.

When Will I See the Results?

It usually takes 2-3 months for you to see results.

How Long Do Results Last?

Kybella has no downtime! After cells are destroyed, fat cannot be accumulated or torn.

How Long Do Results Last?

Each patient requires a different number of treatments. You will need a maximum of six treatments at Aviva Med Spa Centennial, CO.


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